Experience massage as individual as you

You’ll immediately know you are in good hands when you walk into the new massage studio at Kristine Richardson Massage Therapy. The warm, serene environs coupled with Kristine’s knowledge and compassion sets the tone and puts you at ease as she improves your overall well-being through therapeutic massage.

Here, you won’t find a menu of massage types to pick from or the latest trend du jour sometimes found at a relaxation spa. While Kristine utilizes a number of different techniques to customize your session, her philosophy is that each person is different, and therefore each session is different. Your individual massage is based on how you are feeling that day and what your needs are – both now and in the future – so you can be on your way to feeling your best.

Did you know massage can: release pain, improve circulation, increase flexibility, lessen stress and anxiety, improve posture, lower blood pressure, promote better sleep, boost concentration and increase range of motion?
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